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Editing Research Proposal

In this week’s update on my thesis progress, I can definitely feel the express train of getting things done! I have also picked up some new digital tools that will help me further develop the student site version of TAWP. I recently did a one time app purchase for GoodNotes! I like the design of the digital writing interface, as it seems a lot more inviting and familiar with students who are used to writing on paper (alongside the actual notes I took within the application). With that being said, I will give you all a sneak peek into one of my tutorial videos for TAWP Student site! 

Alongside this discovery of another useful application, I have been sticking with my thesis progress schedule. This week I decided to double up on the load of work, this can be seen below on my working thesis calendar. Alongside the calendar are small specific notes as to what each week details (of course I have to double back and put dates next to those too!). I will be embedding pdf versions of my notes I wish to share (limited access!). Even though this is the most tedious part of the thesis so far, it feels good to get through it!

Most recent version of thesis progress calendar
To dos for the week!

Also here is a limited access of the notes I took to edit my Lit Review from last week and the most edited version of my Lit Review! Also below is one of the videos I will be adding to the TAWP student site:

TAWP: Intro

TAWP: Understanding The Assignment

Just because time is quickly winding down towards the end of the semester, I decided to make this fun little countdown as a boost to keep going towards the end!


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