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Editing Lit Review: 10/16 – 10/22

For this week’s Thesis Progress Report, I am still sticking to my proposed schedule from Last Week’s Post. I think this method of breaking down task week by week is more efficient and gives me the appropriate amount of time to work on each attribute of the elements in my thesis. Below I will share the following images; All items to be submitted (along with the amount that is done!), the current week I am working on, and a pdf of the current edits to my Lit Review (this week is dedicated to this portion, so I am still making edits :)) ). 

Key Items for Submitted Thesis
October’s Process Schedule
To do for this week: 10/16 -10/22

Here you can find a pdf of the revisions that I have made thus far: Lit Review Edits/Notes (so far!). I will be still making edits until 10/22.

I feel very good in the direction and pace I am going with my thesis process. I feel as though I am now set and ready to finish the rest of the semester out strong! Coincidentally, now I have a set order/schedule for all my work and school life! Knowing this has definitely lifted a heavy load off my shoulders.


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