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Here’s How It Went!

Today’s thesis blog post will be a reflection of my presentation from last class. For those who did not have a chance to view my presentation or just want to look back at it, please feel free to review it: My time to Shine. So with that being said, let’s jump right into the befores and after my presentation.

Emotions/Thoughts Before Presentation

To be quite honest, I was both excited and nervous about showcasing my work to my fellow thesis writers (I truly value their feedback and opinions… you will see this in the latter part of my blog.) As stated in my presentation, I have been working on my thesis, or so the idea around my thesis, since the Spring 2020 semester. From both my Research Methods and Information designs class, I have been able to make both moc versions of my Research Proposal and eLearning site (I will eventually have these items available, once I earn my Masters officially)! But, of course there is a nervous part to this point in my research….

As I stated, I have been working from Spring of 2020 – until now; and yes, that does include the entire summer. So with that said, I have been at this project pretty much… non stop. So much to the point that I felt that my thesis was the only thing I felt like talking about. With that being the case, I also felt that no matter what I did, my thesis would be nowhere finished by time I had planned. So with that in mind, let just into a quick snapshot of my presentation!

Presentation Takeaways

Here is my new (self designed) Little P animation!

Overall, I think I did pretty well! My presentation targeted the most important aspect of showcasing the essential elements of my thesis. It was a pretty cool feeling walking through my eLearning site with my fellow thesis writers! Thank you so much Linda for adding to the creative portion of my thesis work. For the meantime, I am going to sticking with the format of using Bitmoji and Canva designs. But please be sure that I am currently learning how to make my art turn into animation to incorporate an advanced version of me eLearning site in the near future! Maybe we can make a learning site together one day! I would also like to thank Karel too for insight on the navigation and target audience for my eLearning site. It has made me reconsider the structure of my inquiry statement. Would also just like to thank my thesis cohort as a whole in giving me those good positive vibes and encouraging my ambitions and goals.. You guys are the real MVPS!

Dr. Zamora’s Worldly Advice!

Have you ever had someone that does no wrong in your eyes? Well in my academic world, it is Dr. Zamora. She knows how to give the right advice, at the right time. Dr. Zamora suggested I bring my research goal a bit down. She 100% believes that I should continue to do research with the children, but only document the behaviors. She wants me to establish a vocabulary using Ground Theory. She also reassured me that my research was far beyond this Masters degree… even PhD worthy! With that said, I am kind or relieved that I spent all summer working on this.

So What Now?

I think this is where the extra interesting part is going to happen! I will be attending the IRB webinar on Monday, to see the next I should take when submitting my documentation. Lucky enough, I have also been assigned my after school students, who will be participating in my research project. Also, for the next class meeting, I will have a bit of time with Dr. Zamora to see my next steps… Monday will start The Adventure of the Writing Process. I look forward to what this week brings!


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