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Waiting in Blissful Exhaustion

Today’s post will be relatively short, so there is a good reason for this. As far as my thesis work is coming along, I am pace with my projected research calendar. Currently, I am making my last edits for my research proposal and documentation for the IRB. Dr. Nelson (again to the rescue!) agreed to look over my documents before I submit everything. Great news, I was approved by my AmeriCorps site to conduct research with nine students in my own after school club (The Writing Club)! I am just waiting for my AmeriCorps site that agreed to let me do the research to sign the School Bases Research document. 

Other actions I need to make is to connect with Dr. Zamora or Dr. Nelson in helping me break down the categories and other aspects when trying to apply Grounded Theory to my research. With that being said, this is pretty much where I stand in my project and awaiting in my blissful tiredness.


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