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A Guide Through Grad School!

Hi all, and welcome to my blog! For those of you who are new to my blog… excited to meet you! My name is Patricia Dennis, and I will be your blogging hostess for this site. I have done so many introductions throughout the course of my many blog posts that I kind of run out of ways to “introduce myself” any differently than before. With that being said, in my Welcome Page, you can find a brief (but welcoming) introduction of who I am. Please, feel free to check out my entire blog and tell me what you think!

The main theme of this blog is to share education, knowledge, and experiences on an open digital platform. My blog is set up in manner to display my journey through graduate school; each tab is broken down into semesters. As stated in my welcome page: “I use this blog to share my many experiences, thoughts, works of art, and education!”. When looking back at how far I have come in my educational pursuits, it dawned on me that some aspects of this journey could have been a lot “easier” if I was guided. Please do not misunderstand, I truly enjoyed every part of “figuring things out”… but I would have loved a bit more of advice and help with other aspects of the journey. 

As I begin to wrap up Chapter 25: Masters Graduate Student, I want to give back the education and experiences I have gained through this amazing journey! This portion of my blog is dedicated to, A Guide through Grad School: From Beginning to End! I decided to keep the theme of my blog being educational, I just decided to switch the topic up a little bit. This portion of my blog will serve as something like a guideline to those who are preparing for education beyond the undergraduate level. Whether you are going for a Masters, Doctoral, Grad Certificate, or whatever it may be.. I want to lend a word of advice for those pursuing more education! 

My blog post will cover these main topics:

Alongside my advice, I will give you my own personal experience, some really interesting and informative books and articles I read to help me along the way, and youtube videos to give visuals to my personality. By all means, everything I write and speak about is not the only way to go through grad school (there is never ONE way to do most things in life). I was compelled and inspired by one of my professors at NJIT (You are amazing Jenna!) to give back to those who may need the advice. With that said, please enjoy my youtube video below to put a face to my blogs!

P.S. I would love for this blog to expand by covering topics of grad school I may not have presented. Please feel free to leave comments on some aspects of grad school you would like me to cover! 


Educator|Mentor|Artist|Aspiring Traveler|Student "Make a difference about something other than yourself." - Toni Morrison "Be the person you needed growing up."

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