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PTC 606852-Advanced Information Design

During my Advanced Information Design course, I learned the essentials of being an instructional design. Through this, I was able to turn my research idea into a digital learning space for all to access. With that said, this page displays my assignments, projects, and growth throughout this course. From this course, I was able to build my mock site to my now TAWP e learning site!

Below are links to my assignments done through the course of the semester:

Unit 1 Assignment

Unit 1 Discussion: Traits Of An Instructional Designer

Unit 2 Assignment: Analyze and Outcomes

Style Guide

The Dick & Carey Model Presentation

Unit 3 Assignent Timeline

Creating An Introduction

Setup Your Training Website

*Note: These are not all of the assignments assigned for this course, but these are the core components that led me to making my final site for my thesis research!


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