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Road to MA Thesis: Getting things done!

Quick Introduction 

Hi all! My name is Patricia Dennis (P for short). Quite honestly, I can not really complain about my time during COVID. I was pretty sad about not being able to do my summer internship, but other amazing opportunities did happen for me! I am not going to go so in depth about my fortunate outcomes, as I do not want this blog to be all about that. What I would like to share is my … RESEARCH PROJECT!

Story time: Back story to my research idea

I am going to turn into a major “Nerd” but these three acadmics/scholars have been the driving force to my epiphany of my thesis project: Professor Donald Murray, Dr. Charles Nelson, and the great Peter Elbow! Through these amazing scholars, I was able to start, refine, and now ready to execute my thesis research project! In a sense, my research idea was kind of beginning to form in my Writing Theory & Practice course where I was first introduced to the Writing Process. Professor Donald Murray, who claims in his article, Teaching Writing as a Process not Product; this idea of teaching writing in the form of a process and not just an only end product, made a lot of sense to me. So much sense, that I started to question why I never heard of this “writing process” before, even though this claim was made in the 1970’s. This is where Dr. Nelson comes into play. My Research & Methodologies course is where I discovered the question that was born through my two years experience as an AmeriCorps member (I will have that experience soon available, as it pertains to my research question!). During my time with Dr. Nelson, he truly mentored me through using research methodologies; not just during the spring semester, but also throughout this past summer … he has been nothing short of amazing. The one advice he continued to repeat throughout the summer to me was, “You must find that gap of literature to aid in your research questions (which I will provide at the end of this lovely blog, so please hang on!). Here is where, last but certainly not least, Mr. Peter Elbow is introduced! Writing with Power: Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process, written by Peter Elbow gives a very extensive breakdown on how to approach various ways to go through the process of writing. This book is literally the holy grail to my research! With that said, I can now get to the nitty gritty of what my research question is, the scholarly research I intend to produce, and my end product that will be a part of my PhD application.

As I stated previously, I was lucky enough to start my research interest in the Spring 2020 semester. This year has been an express train of educatioction, I have not stopped since the spring semester! And again, THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. NELSON! He served as my unofficial/official advisor throughout the process of polishing my research proposal and other supplement material to hand into the IRB. So here is where I am right now: Time to implement the research.

Here is the research!

The title of my research is shown in the beginning of this post: The Adventures of the Writing Process (TAWP). My research interest is turning this idea of the writing process (with my own modification and adaptation of the MIT Writing Process) into a free online digital instruction for young writers. From my currently pursued education at NJIT, I am learning new technical skills to turn my idea of teaching the writing process into a digital platform.Taking the Advanced Information Design course at NJIT opened my eyes to instructional design and the importance of it in today’s classrooms (that’s a post for another day!). I also have this experience documented in my site as it is a vital part of my research and how I created my digital instructional database. I will have my research proposal available for view soon, once I submit it to the IRB.

This part of my thesis is dedicated to turning theory into practice, and using my research and creation to help young writers (between grades 3rd – 5th). I am currently waiting to hear back from another AmeriCorps position so that I can do my research at the school I will possibly serve. AmeriCorps for a possible third year in a row! I plan/hope that the end product to this research will be a research result article and possibly an ebook that will act as a “map” on this adventure. Hopefully I can make this book in my Electronic Literatureand New Media and Design courses this semester!

With that said, I am excited to start this adventure and to see where it takes my always curious mind. Until then, Namaste my fellow writing scholar cohorts!


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