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Intro into Elit .. and P!

Greeting fellow ELit scholars! My name is Patricia Dennis and I am a continuing graduate student within the Writing program. This is actually my last semester and I will be done with my MA (jumps up and down like a three year old)! With that being said, I am excited to take this electronic literature journey with you all! This blog (alongside my MA Thesis blog) is a bit better sweet, being that this is my last first blog of my MA studies. 

Quite honestly, I have done so many introductions throughout my course of the MA program that I kind of run out of stuff to say (sorry). The best way I can sum up a “good introduction” is from my Welcome Page on my site, so here you go:

Hi all, and welcome to my blog! 

So a little about me… My name is Patricia Dennis and I am a native of Newark, NJ. I am an aspiring artist, student, traveler, and educator. I use this blog to share my many experiences, thoughts, works of art, and education! 

All my life, my mind and voice has been my sense of power. Being able to express myself through many different forms has gotten me to where I am today. I continue to strive for my own potential of greatness and wish to share my journey with the world, in hopes that I can inspire generations to come.

As for my educational and professional background, I received my B.A. in English with a minor in Studio Art from the College of Saint Elizabeth in Morristown, NJ. After graduating, I began to serve under AmeriCorps as a Reading Coach for 2nd Grade students where I am currently serving my second term. I am also currently pursuing my M.A. in English Writing Studies at Kean University in Union, NJ. As a graduate student at Kean, I work as a Graduate Assistant for The Kean University Writing Project directed by Dr. Maria Zamora.

Another fun fact! I am also a chess instructor for young beginning chess players!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the journey just as much as I am!

If can not be the best, I will do my best

If I do my best, I will try my best

If I can not try my best, then the best is yet to come

Either way, the best is what I strive for!


Educator|Mentor|Artist|Aspiring Traveler|Student "Make a difference about something other than yourself." - Toni Morrison "Be the person you needed growing up."

One thought on “Intro into Elit .. and P!

  1. Hey Pat! I enjoyed reading your background and it must be a lot of fun teaching 2nd graders! And best of luck this semester, when everything is successfully completed, celebrate and party up because you deserve it 🙂

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