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Phenomenology, Discourse Analysis, and Grounded Theory


This article gives a breakdown of the following qualative methodologies: Phenomenology, Discourse Analysis, and Grounded Theory. Within the artile, Starks and Trinidad gives a simplistic breakdown of these methodoligies as in defining them, explaining how data is collected, how to go about using the methods, and etc. This article really gets down to the nitty gritty and puts theory into practice (obviously my favorite saying at this point); these methodologies were put into use, using the same research topic in the health filed involoving Primary Care physiciand and prostate screen caring. Each methodology poses its own questions with t e set of data given for the research.


I belive this article gives a great simplistic but informative breakdwon of these three methodologies, while also giving a great research to follow behind. Even though at this point of the semester, I already have an inderstanding of these methodologies, this article reassures me of my undersatnding. The authors explanations of this artcile, and the fact that it is short and sweet, made the reading even more enjoyable! I was a bit worried about the topic, due to being in the health field, but breakdown of the study made it so easy to understand. Quite honestly, this article is in my top 5 articles from this semester.

Turning Theory into Practice: Using this information in my own studies!

At this point in the semester, I am doing my last bits of cleanup for my research proposal paper! My main focus is to finish up my litearture review and breaking down the methodology I will be using (good old Grounded Theory!). I belive I will be using this article because it gives me an even better undersatnding of Grounded Theory and how to go about using it. My research topic does not having anything to do within the health field, but I am using the one of the methodologies and having more information to simplify it makes completing my proposal much easier.


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