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Why Do I Write? A glimpse inside the mind of an aspiring grad student!


“Be the person you needed growing up”

Where do I begin? Writing has been something implemented within all my years of formal education. Whether it was writing about my summer break in the 8th grade, or writing a poem for national poem month, the process of writing has never been a new idea presented to me. Quite honestly, for about 13 years of my academic life, writing has been the vain of my existence! Having your 7th grade writing teacher blatantly insult all your writing can take a toll on your early years of learning. With that being said, this is where my lovely quote, “Be the person you needed growing up”, comes into play. Deciding to become an English major as an undergraduate, I started to fall in love with the idea that maybe writing is not that bad! Being mentored by the English Department at The College of Saint Elizabeth, I learned that even I can have a writing voice that needs to be heard. Still being quite honest, I do not consider myself a “writer”: in the sense of being an author, poet, or storyteller. What I did realize it that I am a true academic. I love to analyze literature and spit out my ideas of how I portray the readings. Being able to understand other people’s views, feeling, cultures, etc. is the serial feeling that the world is bigger than my own little space. So to wrap back around to the question of, Why do I Write?, my most simplest answer is this: I write to prove a point, I write for intellectual stimulation for my brain.

Coming into graduate school is pretty scary and intimidating feeling, especially being a graduate assistant. When reflecting upon these feelings I started to think back at the Fight or Flight circumstance. Do I fight my way to a M.A in English Writing Studies or go home and cry? In these last couple days as a first year graduate student I came to the realization … I can do both! When approaching uncertain situations, I try to use humor to subsided my ridiculous feels. As syllabus week is coming to an end I am slowly realizing something … I got a bang for my buck! Even though I can see myself crying within the next 3 weeks, I will be crying as a graduate student! I am nervous but yet excited for this new journey to advance my academic career. In the words of Dr. Zamora, “There is no Masters degree that is going to come easy!”



Educator|Mentor|Artist|Aspiring Traveler|Student "Make a difference about something other than yourself." - Toni Morrison "Be the person you needed growing up."

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